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ITP: proj - conversion utilities for geographic projections


  Program proj is a standard UNIX filter function which converts
  geographic longitude and latitude coordinates into cartesian
  coordinates, by means of a wide variety of cartographic
  projection functions. For many of the projection functions the
  inverse conversion, can also be performed.

This package has been an ITP by Kirk Hilliard (kirk@ghoti.com)
for 594 days, and I have sent him two emails since August
without reply.

The work is unlicensed in the sense that it's a work of the US
government so they are not allowed to claim copyright (or
something like that).

I have not yet packaged it (what?  Really!) but hope to do so in
the next few weeks.

I will create two packages:

   proj-doc:  3 PostScript files documenting the lot.
              (Upstream docs are in PostScript, no HTML is possible)

   proj:    - proj binary

               the main conversion filter to convert between
               lat,lon to over 100 different projections (or do
               the reverse conversion)

            - nad2nad and nad2bin binaries

               nad2nad is a filter to convert data between North
               America Datum 1927 (NAD27) and North American
               Datum 1983.  nad2nad can optionally process both
               State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS) and Universal
               Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid data as well as
               geographic data for both input and output.

               As far as I understand, nad2bin is the x86-endian
               version of nad2nad.  I need to clear this up.

            - libproj.a static library for inclusion of
              projection conversion filter in other programs.
              (I'll switch to a dynamic library if users request,
               and after I have figured out all the details of
               doing that.)
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