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Re: Request for Audit: proftpd and wu-ftpd

On Thu, 7 Oct 1999 21:28:40 -0400
"Terry Katz" <katz@advanced.org> wrote:

> A little off the topic here ... but speaking of proftpd, are there any plans
> (or is anything thinking) to modify the module stuff and add the ability for
> 'apache' style loadable modules ? (not that there are as many modules for
> proftpd as there are for apache, but I've been working on a set for company
> use and its a pain to keep recompiling proftpd every time I update a
> module )

More off-topic stuff...  The description of proftpd in potato says it
supports upload/download ratios, but I cannot see it anywhere in the
documentation.  Can somebody confirm that or send me a pointer to how to
set that up?

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