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ITP: ami

(I already ITP'ed this months ago, but I couldn't upload because my
public key had not added yet.  So I ITP it again for reminding.)

Ami is a Korean X Input Method server, which does the same thing with
Japanese kinput2 but for Korean text input.  An XIM server is a very
essential tool to CJK users (if they use X).

The license is the GPL v2.

I built Ami as 2 binary packages.  One (ami) is without Gnome applet
support, and the other (ami-gnome) as a Gnome applet.

BTW, I've already maintained Ami for the Debian-KR archive (Korean
add-on dist) for about 4 months.  I think I've been keeping good
relation with the upstream maintainer; I maintains its devel mailing
list.  So you don't have to worry about its lintian cleanness or good
future maintenance, though I'm a new maintainer.

You can fetch the DEB packages at the Debian-KR archive (a few days


Changwoo Ryu

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