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Re: lintian support in dinstall

Hold on to this patch...

One of the changes I'm planning is user-included overrides so that they
COULD get passed this patch... Under that.. hmm....

Another option... is setting the check to check for a subset of
errors/warnings whatever... whatever the ftpmasters find that lintian is
checking very well.. and it deserving of being blocked.. they can add that
message to the list of blocks..  ie, default pass everything unless

On Wed, Oct 06, 1999 at 10:15:21PM -0400, Raul Miller wrote:
> Here's a patch which should provide lintian support in dinstall.
> It's untested, but syntactically valid, and it seems to be doing the
> right things.
> Of course, lintian needs to be in $PATH for this to work.  This patch
> doesn't check for that.  [My preferred sanity check would be to run
> lintian against a known-good package and check the return code.  But I
> don't know what an appropriate choice would be for that reference package,
> and don't know where it should be stored.]
> If there's any problems with this, let me know.
> I'm cc'ing debian-devel because that's the most on-topic archived list
> that I could identify for this..

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