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Re: lintian support in dinstall

"Marco d'Itri" <md@linux.it> writes:

> On Oct 07, Raul Miller <raul@usatoday.com> wrote:
>  >Can you provide an example of a case where a package should be installed
>  >despite a lintian error?
> I just had to ask an exception for my whois client.
> I can't think any way to describe it other than "whois client" and
> lintian does not like that:
> E: whois: description-starts-with-package-name

What about something like "Client for the WHOIS network information
protocol" ?

By the way, the packaging manual (section 7.2) says:

     Do not include the package name in the synopsis line. The display
     software knows how to display this already, and you do not need to
     state it. Remember that in many situations the user may only see the
     synopsis line - make it as informative as you can.

I agree it is somewhat silly to forbid the inclusion of the name of
the description line if it refers to a network protocol or something
like that.

	- Ruud de Rooij.
ruud de rooij | ruud@ruud.org | http://ruud.org

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