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Re: Sendmail updates for slink/potato (99.99% bugs now dead)

On Thu, 7 Oct 1999, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Richard A Nelson wrote:
> > Of course, the prior version is saved as sendmail.cf.old - so don't
> > run the update more than once ;-{
> Perhaps sendmail.cf should be backuped in /var/backup like some other
> system files?

Good idea, thanks...

> > Uh, well, I guess -5 wont do that then...  btw, other than the don't
> > masquerade local bit, what other things do you hand edit for in 
> > sendmail.cf?
> None iirc.

Good, thanks!
I'm starting to think that sendmail.cf belongs in /var/sendmail!
as I mentioned in another note (not to this list):

>  I'm more interested in things that 'have to be done in sendmail.cf' - or
>  why people hack therein instead of sendmail.mc.  Not being allowed to
>  recreate sendmail.cf from sendmail.mc will effectively cripple the
>  ability to add functionality or fix errors in the sendmail and/or
>  Debian provided *.m4 files.
Rick Nelson

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