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Re: Uninstallable Packages

On Thu, 07 Oct 1999, Kurt D. Starsinic wrote:

>     secure-su is also uninstallable.

As far as I can see, secure-su is no longer available in potato.  It
is replaced by the login package (including /bin/su) which is now
linked with PAM and this behaves like the secure-su if you activate
the line
auth       required   pam_wheel.so
in /etc/pam.d/su.

>     Depends:  login >=970502-1
>     Current:  login   19990827-5

>     Does anybody else think it's kind of nutty that 19990827-5 is less
> than 970502-1?

It is no longer installable because the actual login package conflicts
secure-su (all versions).  The above mentioned dependency doesn't matter.



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