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Re: Some developers still using slink?

On 6 Oct 1999, Marco Budde wrote:
> A lot of? It#s simply not possible to update all packages using a modem.  
> This would cost several $100. This is one real problem of our  
> distribution.
Moin moin--

As an interesting note, I understand it's insanely expensive in
Deutschland, but it's not as bad here. Most people have modem access
for $20/month, unlimited access (I know, all germans are jealous of
this ;p ).

But this isn't a problem specifically of *our* distribution. It's true 
of any operating system with the capability to upgrade online (which
doesn't include many OSs beyond Linux, that I know of). I'm more
thankful that we have this capability, and I consider it more a
problem of Deutsche Telekom and German ISPs.

Of course, I can easily say that, since I'm on a 100base-TX campus
network with an ATM backbone ;)

--Kevin R. Bullock

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