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Re: lintian support in dinstall

On Thu, Oct 07, 1999 at 03:18:46PM +0900, Changwoo Ryu wrote:
> I object rejecting uploads just because of a lintian error.  lintian
> is an excellent tool, but not perfect.  I know exceptions can be added
> to lintian, but IMHO it will be inconvenient (especially to the
> lintian maintainer).
> But I think a few lintian errors, like ancient-standards-version, can
> be used as the reason of rejecting.

ancient-standards-version is a warning, not an error, and would be
completely ignored (not even reported) by this patch.

Actually, using s/^e/Rejected (lintian)/i instead of map..grep, (letting
warnings through but still only rejecting on lines that begin with
something like E: or error:), might be a good idea.


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