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Sendmail updates for slink/potato (99.99% bugs now dead)

Things are getting better these days...  Once my mom's health stabalizes
I'll be *really* back.

I've not forgotten Debian, however, I've been following somewhat the
bugs and developer discussions.

There is a critical bug assigned to sendmail, because somehow a potato
version got installed for slink ;-{  There are still significant problems
with 8.9.3-3, so I'd rather use the much more stable -4 (it closes
nearly every bug currently outstanding, and most of the wishlist items
as well).

Before I release this update to the masses at large, I'd like to see
if causes any grief for developers (do we still have any running sendmail?)

The files are in http://master.debian.org/~cowboy/sendmail/{slink,potato}
and include a Packages.gz, so apt should be able to retrieve them.

I wont include the changelog herein, as its rather large - but there
are a huge number of bug fixes, and cosmetic changes...
For example, the postinst doesn't run sendmailconfig unless its the
first install.  On subsequent installs, it only rebuilds sendmail.cf
and any databases.  There is also an /etc/mail/Makefile created to
allow updating sendmail.cf and any databases.

Once this version is out, I'll crankup debconf and redo sendmailconfig.
Rick Nelson

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