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Re: ITP: Re: Must hand off XEmacs21 project!

On Wed, Oct 06, 1999 at 08:25:03PM +0900, Takuo KITAME wrote:
> >>>>> On 02 Oct 1999 18:49:59 -0400
> >>>>> "Dres" == James LewisMoss <dres@ioa.com> wrote...
> Dres> So, to all on devel consider this a ITP on xemacs21 and I would
> Dres> appreciate anyone who has a chance to test the packages.  Apt line
> Dres> that should work: "deb http://va.debian.org/~dres xemacs21/".
> I tried your xemacs21-21.1.7-1 package (mule).
> Installed with apt, "apt-get install xemacs21-mule".
> But, xemacs21 had segmentation fault on my machines.(3 machines, I tried)
>  % xemacs21
>  segmentation fault  xemacs21
> or
>  % xemacs21
>  illegal hardware instruction  xemacs21

    xemacs21-nomule segfaults for me, as well (I submitted a bug report
on it).  It also made xemacs20 lose track of bbdb, so that I had to
uninstall and reinstall xemacs20 and bbdb (purging xemacs21 didn't fix

    And now, I can't install xemacs21-nomule at all, because it depends
on xemacs21-basesupport, which is not installable (there is no such
package in http://va.debian.org/~dres/xemacs21/).


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