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Re: So whos going to ALS

I could haul my printer in again.  Also, I've got a real machine this
year...  AMD K6-III 450MHz Viper 770, NetGear 10/100 NIC...  19" Optiquest

Who's coordinating?

TIA -- Greg.

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> On 05-Oct-99 Johnie Ingram wrote:
> >
> > ... and would be willing to help at the Debian booth (#503, community
> > pavillion, check it out), or who knows good places to stay at in
> > Atlanta?  Or who wants to planepool with the Novare team from Dallas?
> >
> >
> Joey Hess and myself are going.  We have one extra space in the hotel
> Preferably for a Debian developer, preferably one who needs to save the
> We have two double beds and currently three people, a fourth is welcome.
> you want a spot on the floor, well that can be arranged as well (-:
> We arrive Wednesday night at 7:30pm, so room is available from Wednesday
> on thru Saturday night.
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