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Splitting debian-user (was Re: DO NOT UPGRADE TO POTATO...)

Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@msu.edu> writes:

> "A. M. Varon" <andre@mail.lasaltech.com> writes:
> > Could we have a potato mailing lists? 
> That's part of what debian-devel *is* for.  Why would we want another
> list for it?

Ben answered on _debian-devel_, but not on _debian-user_; I hope he
doesn't mind my posting in both places (this discussion has been going
on in both places).

A.M. said (I'm paraphrasing) that casual readers of debian-user may
come away thinking Debian has lots of problems, when in fact the
problems discussed are mostly in the unstable (currently "potato")

A.M's suggestion may have merit: a new _debian-user-unstable_ list
could separate the user "bleeding edge" discussions from the stable
user discussions.

As Ben said, _debian-devel_ is already a place to discuss problems
with unstable -- but there's lots of cruft there that's uninteresting
to unstable users unless they're considering becoming developers.

But if we create _debian-user-unstable_, the _debian-user_ readers
would miss (would they care?) the discussions -- some of them
interesting -- about changes, and might therefore be less well
prepared to handle the upgrade to potato when it becomes stable.

So I obviously can't make up my mind; I think we should let the 
_debian-user_ population decide: would you like to split the group?  

Here (from the http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/subscribe page)
is how the above-mentioned lists are currently described:


     This is the main mailing list for all users and developers of
     Debian GNU/Linux systems. Many developers also follow the threads
     and step in to help every now and then.


     This is the main discussion list for development topics. All
     developers should be subscribed to this list. As it is open to
     the public anyone can join the discussion.

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