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Package giveaway, will sponsor if necessary.

   I'm just looking to create some free time to put into other projects.
If no one wants these I'll just keep going, but updates will be seldom.
I'll sponsor new maintainers of these until they get their upload privs.

   rtf2latex - simple C program.  New upstream waiting at CTAN.
               Excellent first package.

   empire-ptkei - Surely there must be another empire fanatic out there?
                  I've never actually played with this client, nor do I know
                  python.  Newer upstream available.

   gtkglareamm - C++ wrapper library around the GtkGLArea widget.
                 Not used by any binaries at present, so it would be
                 a good first lib package.

   gtkglarea - I'm still using this, but if someone wants to lighten my load
               it could go with gtkglareamm.

Dr. Drake Diedrich, Research Officer - Computing, (02)6279-8302
John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University 0200
Replies to other than Drake.Diedrich@anu.edu.au will be routed off-planet

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