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Re: Weird errors from update-alternatives

On Mon, Oct 04, 1999 at 11:28:01PM -0400, Daniel Burrows wrote:
> Setting up tk8.2 (8.2.0-3) ...
> Checking available versions of wish, updating links in /etc/alternatives ...
> (You may modify the symlinks there yourself if desired - see `man ln'.)
> Leaving wish (/usr/bin/wish) pointing to /usr/bin/wish8.2.
> Updating wish.1 (/usr/share/man/man1/wish.1.gz) to point to /usr/share/man/man1/wish8.2.1.gz.
> Removing wish8.0.1 (/usr/man/man1/wish8.0.1.gz), not appropriate with /usr/bin/wish8.2.
> warning: /usr/bin/wish8.0 is supposed to be a slave symlink to
>  /etc/alternatives/wish8.0, or nonexistent; however, readlink failed: Invalid argument
> Removing wish8.0 (/usr/bin/wish8.0), not appropriate with /usr/bin/wish8.2.

See bug 37252--I believe it is responsible for what you are seeking.

tkstep8.0 registers slave alternatives (under wish) for
/usr/man/man1/wish8.0.1.gz and /usr/bin/wish8.0 .  This is bad because 1)
tk8.0 does not register these as slave alternatives, and 2) these are
actually files in tk8.0!  

However, I do not know why it would give this message about
/usr/bin/wish8.0 and not about /usr/man/man1/wish8.0.1.gz .  If you want
help pursuing this further, let me know.

You can also see bug 37254 I reported against dpkg for its role in the


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