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Packages for adoption: dip, sliplogin

due to absolute missing of dial up abilities (I don't even have a fixed
line any more :-) I have to orphane two of my packages:

dip - I'm crying in orphaning this, as I was putting a lot of care.
      It's the tool to handle SLIP/PPP connection (both sides), and it
      was the only one available for a long time. Now its fortune is
      slipping down, partly for the absolute dominance of PPP (I
      corrected PPP stuff on it) and the hostility of one HOWTO author.
      It has 4 bugs, two of them were due to the transition to glibc2,
      but I'm unable to see if they're gone.
      I also have a patch that I'm unable to test (it's not in the bts).

sliplogin - Tool to attach a serial line network interface
	This tool is used to turn the terminal line on standard input
	into a Serial Line IP (SLIP) link to a remote host. Sliplogin
	can be used to setup SLIP dialin connections.

Need a maintainer with good knowledge of modems and one to do test :-)

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