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Re: linking binfmt_misc with mime-types

>> Some more questions. Is it possible to recognise an html file by a couple of
>> magic numbers at the beginning? Most html starts <html> or <HTML>, but it is
>> not certian that it will look like this. Another thought is the possiblilty of
>> running perl scripts without the bang path, but then how would the shell tell
>> it is a perl script.
>Uh, for SGML documents, how about looking at the <!doctype ...> ?
>Anyway, I suggested even to use the file utility, so you can make use of the
>magic database.

This is getting a bit off the original thread...

IMHO, any magic type of database, is a "hacked" solution.

What I really would like is a filesystem that can store a mime-type for
every file... That way no magic databases are required. In addition, the
kernel could be configured to assign default mime-types for different
file extensions, or something.

This would mean instead of having lots of different programs trying
to determine file types (each with a very different method - some use
extensions, others use magic databases or a combination of the two).
Programs like Apache wouldn't have to work out the mime type from the
extension, but could just look at the value given by the filesystem.
Changing the mime-type for one file would automatically effect
all programs.

[ runs for cover... ]

Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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