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Re: ITP: buglist?

On Sun, Oct 03, 1999 at 05:35:11PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> Thomas Schoepf wrote:
> > this is a perl script I've written, because I was fed up with manually
> > fetching bug reports and storing them into a directory structure so that
> > browsing still works. Now, when I type 'buglist -r -d ~/debian/Bugs less',
> > all reports regarding 'less' are saved into ~/debian/Bugs, structured as
> > they are on the BTS, so I can easily click through the reports. I'm also able
> > to download individual reports: 'buglist 42610'.
> I'm interested in this. I have occasionally been disconnected from the
> network for days while traveling; getting a mirror of your pages on the BTS
> so you can work on bugs during that time is a little annoying.

On the same subject I invite everyone to test out "getbugs" which is at
http://www.debian.org/~bcollins/getbugs.pl. It's a Net::LDAP script that
interfaces to the BTS directly (no waiting for the bugs to be generated),
and it also has some nice features. Run it with --help on first exec.

Some common incantations:

	getbugs -c debian/control

This will download a summary of all the bugs for the packages in the control

	getbugs -b 22222 report

This will page the output of the bug report to your screen

	getbugs -p foo

This will get a summary for all the bugs in package "foo"

	getbugs -x -i

This will recursively search for debian/control files and download summaries for
all the bug reports in all the packages in all the control files it finds (from
cwd). The -x makes it output some statistics (total bugs in each severity, total
RC bugs...). The -i option makes it not keep "closed" bugs.

Make sure you have the libnet-ldap-perl package installed.

I'll accept requests for features, but I'm sure that alot of them I've already
thought of and plan to implement.


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