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Re: slink -> potato

   Something I have noticed several times. If you are doing a remote upgrade
(probably a crazy idea), the telnet daemon (maybe inetd or something) becomes
unavailble for quite some time. Maybe it is between the time that netbase is 
unpacked and when it is configured.   There are usually problems with a broken
package or two so that apt-get upgrade does not work on the first try. If I lose
my telnet connection, I can't telnet again to fix things.

*andreas pålsson wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm about to make an update of a base Slink-system to the unstable
> Potato.
> Is there anything I should think of or preperations to be made before
> updating?
> Why I do this is because I want to become a Debian-developer, and any
> hints and tips are much appreciated.
> Sincerely...
> 		Andreas
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