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Re: Reupload to ftp.uni-erlangen.de

On Fri, 1 Oct 1999, Andreas Tille wrote:

> I wanted to dupload a new version of my freetds-jdbc package
> to ftp.uni-erlangen.de.  Unfortunately the first ftp connection
> were broken.  A second trial was refused with the message:
>  freetds-jdbc_pre0.3-1.diff.gz 2.8 kB dupload fatal error: Can't upload freetds-jdbc_pre0.3-1.diff.gz: freetds-jdbc_pre0.3-1.diff.gz: Permission denied. (Overwrite)
>   at /usr/bin/dupload line 481
> How could I remove the broken file or overwrite it with the correct package?

You may use a *.commands file to remove the unwanted files.
This is explained in the README in the UploadQueue directory.

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