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Re^6: strange behavior of dh_dhelp

Am 30.09.99 schrieb joey # kitenet.net ...

Moin Joey!

JH> >   (a) symlinks don#t work with the http protocol
JH> You know, I've read the http protocol, and I don't recal any mention of
JH> such unix-centric concepts of symlinks, especially not any prohibition of
JH> them. If you're going to keep insisting the http protocol doesn't support
JH> symlinks, please quite me chapter and verse from RFC 2068.

Ok, you#re right. But the classic http daemons (cern for example) used/use  
chroot() for security reasons. You#re right, the current apache package  
supports symlinks, but will all users use apache? Will all users use  
FollowSymLink (a dangerous feature?). Is a http daemon broken, because it  
doesn#t follow these symlinks?

I would suggest:

 (1) All packages of Debian 2.2 have to use /usr/share/doc. If we
     have FHS and FSSTND packages we will get a chaos.
 (2) All packages of Debian 2.2 have to use a symlink in /usr/doc to
     support a mixture of Debian 2.1 and 2.2 packages.
 (3) The user uses /usr/share/doc to avoid problems with the symlinks
     and problems in Debian 2.3.

cu, Marco

P.S.: Of course dhelp will support the latest policy (if this is
      possible), but it#s not a really good solution.

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