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Re: {R,I[INEW]}TP: free ssh [non-US]

On 01-Oct-99 Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> On 30 Sep 1999, James Troup wrote:
>> OpenBSD have started working on the last free SSH (1.2.12 was under a
>> DFSG free license AFAICT[1]), they also, (again AFAICT [I'm going by
>> the CVS commits]), are ripping out the patented algrothims (IDEA,
>> etc.).  Unfortunately, I'm chronically busy with work and haven't had
> This is very exciting, ssh is one of the few remaining non-free programs
> that debian relies on, it would be very nice to get a real replacement.
> Can someone corfirm the DFSGness of it?

The old ssh was free.  The license this ships with is very BSD.  The code all
says it is ok as well.

Seems ok, openbsd are fanatics about licenses and security, so I doubt they
would do something as stupid as include a non-free ssh.

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