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Must hand off XEmacs21 project!

 I will not, due to circumstances beyond my control, be returning to
 work for perhaps as long as six months.  I must hand off the XEmacs
 21 project.

 On master.debian.org in ~karlheg/src/ is a tar file with TODAY's
 fresh CVS repository archived in it.  That should be installed on
 cvs.debian.org in a controlled repository... just untar it; I'm sure
 someone will know how to deal with it.  In ~karlheg/src/xemacs21 is a 
 sample checkout from it.  NOTE: there are branches in there.  Please
 look over my branch scheme.

 br_  for a branch prefix.
 br_unstable_potato is the current head of development.

 There is a source branch for upstream tracking.

 Make sure this is managed by someone very familiar with CVS.  I hope
 it's a paid position.  This is a large and time consuming project.  I
 am not willing to take it back unless someone will pay me for the

 Form a team.  Perhaps Corel has a few dollars to spend for this?

 I will be away from email starting now and until further notice.

 Please be careful with XEmacs and stay free.

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