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Re: Re^2: strange behavior of dh_dhelp

On Tue, Sep 28, 1999 at 08:25:00PM +0100, Marco Budde wrote:
> ROTFL, why should I change dhelp to support a broken file format? 

How is the doc-base file format broken?

> Please tell me what for do we need doc-base?

It's a useful abstraction over specific documentation systems.

> In fact the format has got a lot of disadvantages.

What are they?

> No. We need a decision: which one is the *main* doc directory. Which one  
> should the user use. At the moment I would suggest /usr/share/doc.

/usr/doc is the main doc directory.  Packages that use /usr/share/doc must
install a symlink to /usr/doc.

> ??? But we use /usr/share/doc. Read the policy.

Read the policy list.  Current policy documents are lacking, as they don't
document the tech committee decision (yet).

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