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man-db and FHS: please test.

Hi all,
man-db 2.3.10-69j is hitting the mirrors.
I consider this as a pre-2.3.12 , which I want to release before the

It contains a relevant change from the previous versions as
/etc/manpath.config is no more a conffile.
A script will upgrade it to FHS leaving the previous file as
/etc/manpath.config.orig , but without overwiting it if it exists (later
run will add a tilde; but the script won't run twice on the same file).

  * created perl script /usr/lib/man-db/chconfig that scans the 
    file in argument (the man confile) and upgrade it to FHS.
    Its call from postinst is checked also against perl presence.
  * removed /etc/manpath.config from conffiles;
    added in postinst automatic copy of it if the existing one isn't
    being modified, or using the new script to validate it and upgrade
    to FHS. Treat correctly absence of the config file (??) and allow
    insertion of keyword NOFHS in /etc/manpath.config to avoid its

In case the existing file was unmodified, it simply overwrite it (as it
would have done if it were still a conffile).
It should (note the ??) behave correctly in absence of the config file.

I have checked the script with many strange things in the config file,
but ... there's no limit to strangeness.
So please, if you have a modified /etc/manpath.config, compare the two
files after the installation of this version, to see if the changes were

To do further tests, you can execute the script /usr/lib/man-db with a
filename as argument. Beware that the trigger to avoid further
re-processing id the comment inserted in the first line.

Raise bugs at will,
and cheers!

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