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Re: pine in other distributions?

Quoting Piotr Roszatycki:
> BTW, other pine's version is a part of official RedHat distribution,
> but I don't know is it legal?
> Will the pine return back to distribution?
> Well, this is the mostly used mailer by my users (and me).

        From http://linuxmafia.com/debian/tips (and based on some
suggestions by yours truly):


Debian does not by default install "non-free" packages -- those under
restrictive software licences (although many are provided and
available for installation).  If you are a user of the "pine" e-mail
client or the "pico" text editor that pine provides, please be aware
that pine is non-free and therefore is not a default installation

The U. of Washington's licence forbids distribution of pine/pico in
binary form.  This restriction is routinely violated by many GNU/Linux
distributions, but not by Debian.  (U. of Washington is aware of this
licencing problem, but elects not to fix it.)  You can thus install
pine and pico (in Debian) by installing the pine source-code package
and then compiling the programs.

However, there's a better alternative.  Just put the following script
in /usr/local/bin as "pine", and chmod it to 755 (executable):

   /usr/bin/mutt -F /usr/doc/mutt/examples/Pine.rc

pico can be emulated by a symbolic link to the simple editor "ae",
which is really very close to pico:

   cd /usr/local/bin
   ln -s ../../../bin/ae   pico

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