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Re: GNOME package versions

Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@debian.org> writes:

> Chris Cheney <ccheney@cheney.cx> writes:
> > > libgnobjc or something to that effect.
> > I still don't see this package anywhere, I am either overlooking it
> > or it is not packaged?
> I'm sure it's packaged.  Don't remember the exact name (don't use
> objective-c much :-).

Package: libobgnome0
Version: 1.0.2-2
Priority: optional
Section: libs
Maintainer: Chris Waters <xtifr@debian.org>
Depends: libobgtk1 (= 1.0.2-2), gdk-imlib1, libart2 (>= 1.0.10-3), libaudiofile0
Architecture: i386
Filename: dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/libs/libobgnome0_1.0.2-2.deb
Size: 26848
MD5sum: 7d4b427023c6504bd5afd649eb7d93ab
Description: Objective-C - Gnome bindings


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