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Re: Packages should not Conflict on the basis of duplicate funct

On 27-Sep-99 Clint Adams wrote:
>> a) I would not test a new daemon on a working machine, I would use a
>> separate
> So?
>> b) if you know what you are doing, compile the packages by hand, fix their
>> install scripts, and remove the conflicts.  You are trying to circumvent the
>> norm.
> If I wanted to compile them by hand, why would I even bother with the
> Debian packaging system?
>> Debian is operating on making the easy case easy.  90+% of our users want to
>> just install a package and go.
> Perhaps we would have more users if we didn't maintain such a mentality.
> 90+% of our users probably don't run production servers.  Is there some
> reason you don't want to cater to 100% of our users if possible?

Because as everyone knows the last 10% takes 90% of the work and often ends up
hurting the other 90%.

The point is Debian needs to work for as many people as possible.  We are doing
near this currently.  One of our strong advantages is that after install, you
have a working system.  Compared to most other dists, we are far ahead here. 
To then say "but some people dont want that" and hurt every one is bunk.  I
used to work at an isp, there is a debian-isp mailing list, and debian's
largest use is in the server market.  We are currently pleasing most people I
talk to in this regard.

The point is that supporting what you want runs contrary to how Debian
currently works and how most people expect it to.  Is it so hard to type:

apt-get source qpopper
cd qpopper-<version>
$EDITOR debian/control
s/Conflicts: pop-server//
s/Replaces: pop-server//
s/Provides: pop-server//
save, quit
fakeroot debian/rules binary
cd ..
dpkg -i qpopper-<version>.deb

That is about all you need do.  To be fancy, you could "fix" the postinst and
what not to not have the two stomp on each other.

The point is if you are claiming to know enough to test devel code, experiment
with server configs  and the like, but are not willing or know enough to
compile a few apps, then maybe you are in the wrong line of work.

And by first point still stands, what you want runs against what most people
would call a "production" server.  I would never run an untested daemon on a
box w/ clients.  God knows what will happen.

Now I do agree with your initial statement, not all things should conflict. 
wmcdplay and xmcd both play cd's -- they dont conflict.  However a deamon
provides a known service that only one should be performing at ALL times.

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