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Re: Debian 2.1r3

Chris Rutter wrote:
> The current `sub-release' (whatever) of Debian 2.1 is r3, right?
> I was just wondering, as all references on the web site are to r2,
> but I thought I received a message from the security team about
> r3 last week somtime.  Just wanted to check before I filed a
> boring bug report, or something. </pedant>

Debian GNU/Linux 2.1r3 is the current official release that should
be present on all ftp mirrors of Debian.  There are CD images as
well.  Last I checked an announcement to debian-announce was missing,

It was released by the Security Team, FTP Maintainers and Stable
Release Officer.

Thus if there are problems with references on the web pages, please
talk to webmaster@debian.org



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