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Re: Lizard / Debian

On Tue, Sep 28, 1999 at 11:59:47AM +0200, wayne forrest wrote:
> My question is : Has Debian got any interest in this , and is there 
> anny plans for future releases made to make use of the Lizard.
> I am pretty sure that this software will give Debian a great boost.

I am not so sure. First, I can't see much difference to our installation
except that it has funky graphics, a hell lot of warnings allaround the
place (EXPERS only. ONLY do that uf you KNOW what you are doing. Please use
the default if you don't know what you do).

Those get in the way if you know what you do.

The package selection only allows one profile to be selected, not multiple.

Then, they make the mistake of configuring everything in this tool. Video
card, sound card, adding new logins etc.

In short, it looks like a better yast.

In Debian, we use a more distributed approach. What may be useful is to
snarf some of the code and put it in various places (The qpl makes this
hard, though). For example the mouse detection code, but only if it is
really reliable (and I mean more reliable than the gpm mouse detection code,
which is pretty good).

And I don't think a tetris belongs in the installation program, point.

I think with debconf we are on a better track. I don't want to say that
Lizard is bad software, it is probably very good for what it does. But it
doesn't fit into Debian, neither from the concept, nor from the
implementation (has it a frontend which is usable over a serial line?), nor
from the license (IMHO).


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