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Re: Censoring :) (was: Re: anarchism_7.7-1.deb)

Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> writes:


> if it's free and it's packaged then we accept it into the dist in the
> location defined by policy - at the moment, that's debian main. we
> probably should, as has been discussed before, have an etexts and a data
> section for this kind of stuff.

That's what I am asking for.

> > > if something is free and someone does the work to package it then we
> > > accept it in the distribution.
> >
> > There should be one for the main distribution. Assume I want to go
> > into the CD business providing support for packages in the main
> > dist. No major problem with most of the packages, but I am not willing
> > to support packages with philosophical, political or religious
> > contents.
> that's ludicrous.  what support is needed for texts?

> customer: i can't read foo-text.
> tech support: have you tried opening your eyes sir?

customer: I don't get verse to show me my daily devotional
support:  Use your brain.

More serious: 

customer: I found a typo ...
 |        I don't understand that ancient word (very likely in over here)
 |	  Luther's bible says ... but what you sold me is completely
 |        Why do you include philosophical texts
support:  Sorry, if you buy Debian, you always get it. The opinions
          expressed in Debian packages are not necessarily ours. At
          present it's a bit biased since no one volunteered to
          package opposite views.


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