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gaby & libc6


i installed gaby on my uptodate potato system (2.2.11), and it segfaulted.
did a gdb gaby, ran it and it seg faulted in fputs():
0x40435b5d in fputs () from /lib/libc.so.6

althought i don't think thats so unusual, i downloaded the latest gaby
(who is the maintainer? there is a new version out and another - stable -
version coming out next week, or so the web page says) 

anyway, i compiled it and got the same seg fault. i don't think its gaby's
fault so maybe there is a problem with libc6? anyone know of a bug
relative to fputs()?

i'm only saying this as my StarOffice also just started having problems
with "unrecoverable error", which could be a caught segfault (is that

hope this helps someone fix some bug out there, if there is no response
i'll do some bug reports in a few days.


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