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Re: Status of GNOME in potato

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Le Sat, Sep 25, 1999 at 08:16:45PM +0000, Vincent Renardias écrivait:
> Now that GNOME 1.0.40 is out for beta testing, I had a look at what needs
> to be updated in potato.
> Needless to say it would be great to have an up to date GNOME in potato
> before the freeze...

Of course ! But I'll need some help. Gnoem-control-center still needs to
be updated. But it's maintained by Steve Haslam who seems to have
disapeared. I'l take care of orbit and gnome-core (I did the previous NMU
with the help of Christian Marillat).

Would you like to contact each maintainer to check if they can do it (and
to check is they are still with us :))

> glib-1.2.5.tar.gz		Utility routines
> 	* current Debian version: 1.2.4-1

This one is ok.

> ORBit-0.4.95.tar.gz		CORBA implementation
> 	* current Debian version: 0.4.94-0.1

I'll update it.

> 	The main GNOME modules
> gnome-core-1.0.41.tar.gz	Panel, help browser, session manager
> 	* current Debian version: 1.0.9-0.1

I'll update it.

> control-center-1.0.40.tar.gz	Graphical configuration for user settings
> 	* current Debian version: 1.0.5-2

Someone needs to do this.

> 	Prerequisities for some of the apps
> libglade-0.6.tar.gz		GUI builder library
> 	* current Debian version: 0.4-1

Yes this is definitely needed, I already wanted to test the latest glade
with the Gnome widgets but I was too lazy to compile it myself. :-)

> 	Up to date Packages
> libxml-1.4.0.tar.gz		XML library
> 	* 1.4.0-1 [OK]

No libxml-1.6.X does exist I think.

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