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Re: Funding for a Crazy Idea

Helen McCall <helen@dinoflagellate.demon.co.uk> writes:

> I have just been looking at the NATO web site, and they appear to have
> changed for the better in recent years. Now they make no reference to
> sensitive areas. Their science and technology programmes are now more
> generally aimed at promoting world peace!

Uhm, they did just bomb Yugoslavia into the stone age, and basically
force an occupation of Kosovo, failed to disarm the KLA, and are now
just handing over the horrible mess THEY made in the region to the
U.N. right as winter sets in.  To top it all off the continental
European partners are none to pleased with the U.S. and it's lapdog
the U.K. and many see NATO as a brain-dead buearocracy just about to go
into death throes as the alliance falls apart.

The idea that NATO is all about "world peace" is ludicrous.  You'd
have to be willingly blind to nearly everything they have ever done in
order to actually believe that bit of propoganda.  Are you so out of
it that you believe a website more than history?  I hope that Debian
does not resort to begging bald-faced lying war powers for cash.

Craig Brozefsky                         <craig@red-bean.com>
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 prods and the IMF." - Radiohead, OK Computer, Electioneering

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