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Re: ITP: Rael's Binary Grabber

*- On 17 Sep, Joey Hess wrote about "Re: ITP: Rael's Binary Grabber"
> Brian Servis wrote:
>> "This is a small program that I wrote for Linux (which could 
>>  theoretically compile on pretty much any other UNIX) that 
>>  automates the extraction of binary attachments from UseNet 
>>  newsgroups." 
> Why would anyone need this when uudeview already does such an excellent job,
> and is free?

bgrab is a news grabbing ncurses front end to uudecode.  It connects to
a newsgroup and reads all the posts and then uses uudecode and mmencode
to extract all the binary files.  If I am not mistaken uudeview does not
connect to usenet and is only a post processor for files once they are
already on your system.
As Joe mentioned the author was pretty excited to have it included in
Debian.  Perhaps he could be talked into changing the license or
allowing necessary patches to be included.

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