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Re: Crazy Idea: debian developer conference

I love it.. Last time, I went to Paris, it cost me about $450 US for a round trip from Atlanta. I think the fares are cheaper in Winter. 


PS: It would be a good idea if we can find out if a trip to Paris and then a train or flight would be cheaper than a direct flight to nl.

On Wed, Sep 15, 1999 at 10:05:52PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> 	How much $$ would it take, and where's that come from?
> 		I'm figuring around $700 per developer, for plane fare and
> 		lodging. If 250 attend that's $175k. Plus some unkown amount
> 		to rent out a convention center.
> 		We always seem to have money we don't need to spend on
> 		hardware or bandwidth, but I don't think it's on this scale.
> 		Corporate donations? I don't really know.

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