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Re: history (Was Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer)

On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, David Bristel wrote:

> With this in mind, I think that having a configuration variable for apt that
> would allow the downloaded .deb files to be put in a user defined place.  This
> way, if your /var is close to being full, you could, for example, drop it into a
> temporary directory on /home for the upgrade.  This isn't the best place, but on
> many systems, /home is one of the largest partitions on a system, and tends to
> have a good ammount of free space on it because users may use a large ammount of
> space.

Yes, either this or a FIFO expiration policy on /var/cache/apt/packages
which gets automatically applied when space runs out.  Or possibly
the option of using /tmp/.apt, with a warning message that the
packages are in there and need to be moved into the cache.

I *don't* think that `apt' (or any other package) should use any
undefined directories (such as /home) for temporary storage.
If people want that, they'll symlink /tmp -> /home/.tmp or something.

Alternatively, is there any other, er, `in bits' way that the
upgrade can be done?

Chris <chris@fluff.org>                         ( http://www.fluff.org/chris )

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