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Re: Move proftpd to contrib

Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> writes:

> On Thu, Sep 16, 1999 at 10:42:36PM -0500, John Goerzen wrote:
> > This package has been a major source of serious security bugs and
> > indicatiosn are that it will remain as such.  Our Policy states that
> > packages that are not sufficiently free of bugs to meet our standards
> > should not be in main and should be moved to contrib.  I therefore
> I don't think policy says that contrib is a dumping ground for
> crap packages. Can you point out which part to me please?

2.1.3. The contrib section

     Every package in "contrib" must comply with the DFSG.

     Examples of packages which would be included in "contrib" are
        * free packages which require "contrib", "non-free", or "non-US"
          packages or packages which are not in our archive at all for
          compilation or execution,
        * wrapper packages or other sorts of free accessories for non-free
--->    * packages which we don't want to support because they are too
--->      buggy, and
        * packages which fail to meet some other policy requirements in a
          serious way.

	- Ruud de Rooij.
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