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Re: Crazy Idea: debian developer conference

On Wed, Sep 15, 1999 at 10:05:52PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> The two big questions:
> 	Where?
> 		Preferably somewhere with a high density of debian developers.
> 		The California Bay Area (20 some developers with many more
> 		nearby) and the Netherlands come to mind. We'd need a map of
> 		where people live to make an informed choice.
> 	How much $$ would it take, and where's that come from?
> 		I'm figuring around $700 per developer, for plane fare and
> 		lodging. If 250 attend that's $175k. Plus some unkown amount
> 		to rent out a convention center.

Asking briefly at a travel agent, it's about $AUS 2000 for return air
fares from Australia to either LA or .nl. That's not including any bulk,
student, whatever discounts we might be able to scrounge together. That's
about $US 1300, I guess.

So assuming we can get free/very cheap accomodation, and find somewhere
where half the developers don't have to pay anything to get to, that looks
vaguely plausible.

I wonder if 100 people might be a more realistic size. Splitting it on
a continental basis might be interesting too, although doesn't seem like
it'd be as exotic and fun...


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