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(g)mc-4.5.38-2 still broken


  I've just upgraded the gmc to the latest potato version, but it still has
the broken /usr/bin/mc script which calls itself recursively. Also, wouln't
it be cleaner if the postinst for this package added an appropriate alias to
the /etc/profile and/or /etc/csh.cshrc (and possibly other global shell
startup scripts) an alias definition, or a function to call mc in a way
which would preserve the exit path of mc? As it is currently done (with the
#!/bin/bash script) it should be considered a bug and a waste of resources.
The former because the script explicitly requires bash (and all bashisms are
supposed to be removed, AFAIR) and the latter because every invocation of mc
leaves bash in memory util the user exits. And now every time user executes
a command from within mc or just does Ctrl-O another subshell is invoked by
MC - that's three copies of bash for one run of MC. When my users fire up
4/5 mc it uses, quite unnecessarily, some memory which doesn't have to be
wasted that way.


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