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Re: Crazy Idea: debian developer conference

>> Wouldn't it be great if all the debian developers could be flown in to a
>> convention site, get to meet each other, really tighten up the gpg web of
>> trust, attend talks by developers, discuss important issues in person, and
>> so on? It would really make us more of a community.
>You've been thinking about this as well?  Cool. :)

>Problem is there ain't an `average developer' in terms of location,
>as far as I can see -- they're all over the place. ;-)  I'd
>certainly rather somewhere Scandinavian, probably -- it's nice,
>clean, historic, etc. -- and closer to home.

Could have several such meetings.

>> 		I'm figuring around $700 per developer, for plane fare and
>> 		lodging. If 250 attend that's $175k. Plus some unkown amount
>> 		to rent out a convention center.
>> 		We always seem to have money we don't need to spend on
>> 		hardware or bandwidth, but I don't think it's on this scale.
>> 		Corporate donations? I don't really know.
>Corporate donation is possible, perhaps, but I suspect things would
>get a little more complicated then -- like they'd want some
>advertising, or something.
>Hey, why not turn it into a full-blown trade fair? :)

I don't think that advertising is a viable option.  I don't think that finding
$175K is going to happen either.  I think that the only way it'll work is for
individual developers who can afford it or get someone else to pay for them to
So it'll be a smaller meeting of wealthier Debian developers...

I'm in Utrecht.  I'd like to meet any Linux users in the area, or any other
part of the Netherlands.

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