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Re: w only giving `-' as the FROM field

Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> wrote:
> Ben Gertzfield wrote:
>> >>>>> "Chris" == Chris Rutter <chris@fluff.org> writes:
>>     Chris> For months now, `w' has only reported `-' (well, *almost*
>>     Chris> all the time, anyway) in the FROM field for any connections
>>     Chris> made through `telnetd'.  Finally, with the update to PAMed
>>     Chris> `login', I once again have the hostnames correctly
>>     Chris> appearing in FROM again.  Does anyone know why this wasn't
>>     Chris> working for so long?

> It's a bug in the telnet daemon. I got a message the other day that this bug
> has been fixed with the latest version.

It's certainly not a bug in telnetd, or it wouldn't have been fixed by an
upgrade in login.  telnetd does not write the utmp/wtmp records, it gets
login to do it as well as the authentication.
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