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Re: /opt/ again (was Re: FreeBSD-like approach for Debian? [was: ...])

>>>Steve Lamb wrote:
 >     Now, *YOU* tell *ME* how that translates into reinstalling, configuring
 > and restoring all data.

Then can you tell me how your three steps are easyer and faster them our
one step? Restoring everything from one tape in one moment usally gets
done faster (as long as we ain't taking about a stupid client. Than
installing the system restoring the configuration, and then restoring
the data.

The best case of this should be an IBM rs server. IF you fouck up
things badly. You insert the backup tape, turn the key to servive, turns
on the power... waits... turns the key to normal mode and the server
should be up and running as soon as all data has been read back from the
tape. (Well actually it reboots once in the end.) Than is easy and
simple. In some other OS you have to instal the system, and the backup
software... that restore the rest, if you are not prepared for this
operation it could take time. Then maybe your approch could save time. A
preparde lazy administaort tries to get out of that situation before it

/ Balp

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