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Re: /opt/ again (was Re: FreeBSD-like approach for Debian? [was: ...])

* Steve Lamb said:
> Tuesday, September 14, 1999, 1:14:02 PM, Raul wrote:
> > Assuming you don't care about systems where /usr/local is not writable.
>     Which would be for what reason?
When for example it is mounted on a cdrom as a live CD system. Enough?
> > Assuming you don't care about clean administration of backups (backup
> > office software with local mods?).
>     Backups are for data, not programs.
And programs use data. Specific versions of data may be processed by
specific versions of programs. To access data you need a program. Simple?
> > Assuming you don't care about writing documentation for new system owners.
> > (Try: "You have full responsibility and control over everything in
> > /usr/local/, except if you install commercial software").
>     How do they not retain full control of /usr/local?  Am I missing something
> or since when did Debian install commercial software?
Debian doesn't, people do and will.

> > I could probably think of better examples if I cared enough to waste
> > time on this issue.
>     You're going to have to since none of these held any water.
And you started flamewars again. Stop it.


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