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FreeBSD-like approach for Debian? [was: Re: Deficiencies in Debian]

bortzmeyer@pasteur.fr (Stephane Bortzmeyer) writes:

> That's a big difference between Debian and FreeBSD: FreeBSD cares only
> about the base system. Ports ("source packages") and packages are
> irrelevant for them, as far as release is concerned. (FreeBSD does not
> have a unified package database, since the base system is not a
> package, so item 2 cannot hurt them. Ports are not supposed to write
> in / or /usr so item 1, in theory, is not a risk for them.)
> Debian, on the other hand, ships a system, not just a base + a random
> collection of ports.
The more and more i think about it, i'm getting convinced that Debian
should follow a similar path like FreeBSD.  In order to get rid of the
hard to manage monolithic system we currently have we should probably
better split it into a core Debian system and add-on packages (which
could possibly be shared between stable and unstable), but both under
the usual bug tracking system's quality control and with official
maintainers.  The one big problem i see though is if it is at all
feasible to untangle the system and divide it into subsections.  

Any ideas someone?
                                   Cheers, P. *8^)
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