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Re: Feaping Creature-ism in core Debian Packages

Steve Greenland wrote:

> On 12-Sep-99, 15:50 (CDT), Nicolás Lichtmaier <nick@debian.org> wrote: 
> > > So though it's not in policy or anything, we sort of have a consensus, I
> > > think, that a package shouldn't rely on its docs being present.
> > 
> >  Aren't there those packages that use gifs or html pages from their doc dir
> ?
> IMO, anything like that that package actually needs to run should be in
> /usr/lib or /usr/share/lib.

What would you do with documentation packages that want to be
accessible to dwww and as http://localhost/doc/PACKAGE ?

Packages like mh-book, tdlug, etc.

I would say `a package shouldn't rely on its docs being present',
but rather `executables shouldn't rely on docs being present'.


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