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Re: Deficiencies in Debian

On Sep 13, Martin Schulze wrote:
> This mail is some major rant.  I've already ranted in private and was
> asked several times to move this to debian-devel.  I've added some
> more problems I have detected.  Most of the following was discussed
> either with a bunch of developers and keen people at the Linux
> Kongress.

Without including most of Joey's mail, I'd just like to say I agree
with most of his points.  We have a freeze date (Nov 1), but we
apparently don't have anything we're supposed to accomplish in the
next seven weeks.  We need clear leadership here from the release
manager and/or the DPL.  I'm not saying what Joey or I propose here is
the best thing (and Joey and I disagree, for example, on the value of
having an updated slink out there), but we need to get our penguins in
a row instead of wandering around at random like gas molecules.

I think a lot of our problem here is that as developers, we tend to
track unstable and don't realize how woefully out-of-date stable is.
It's embarassing that I can't use the Debian CDs I sell to get a
working system on my own laptop.  At the same time we're finally
getting serious attention from the outside, we're falling apart on the
inside.  Bitch and moan about PR if you like, but we're not just
building a distribution for our 1000 developers.  Or at least we're
not supposed to be.  If we're just doing this for our own amusement, I
say it's time to throw in the towel and let RMS find someone else to
take up the torch for producing an operating system committed to
free-software principles, because now we're failing miserably at it.

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