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Re: Feaping Creature-ism in core Debian Packages

On Thu, Sep 02, 1999 at 12:46:11AM -0700, Joel Klecker wrote:
> At 18:14 +0100 1999-09-01, Philip Hands wrote:
> >If we had a library which implemented a version of open() that logged
> >every file opened during a build it should give us enough information
> >to automatically determine many of the source dependencies.
> Like this perhaps: 
> <ftp://ftp.yggdrasil.com/pub/dist/pkg/logwrites-1.22.tar.gz>.

This looks like the best idea presented for automatically determining
source code dependencies.

If anyone's looking at designing a method for recording source
dependencies, I think that at least two kinds of dependencies should be
tracked separately: dependencies on binaries (executables, libraries,
etc.) and dependencies on other sources (*-dev packages, scripts, etc.).
It's the former group that provides porting issues.  The latter group
only provides instructions to get the package but then it doesn't have
to be built.  Hopefully, this wouldn't be too big of a wrinkle if, e.g.,
'file' is used to identify the file type.

Steve Bowman <sbowman@goodnet.com><bowmanc@acm.org>
Buckeye, AZ

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