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Packages for adoption

I have a few packages which are mine that I no longer actually use and it
would be best to give these to other developers who WOULD use them:

asclassic  - version 1.1 of AfterStep, up until recently the only wm I
             could stomach.  The others all sucked, including new versions
	     of AS which were painful to configure, poorly documented, and
	     too damned slow.  Window Maker has become at least as useful
	     to me and in fact I think I have fewer complaints about wmaker
	     than asclassic at this point.  

	     The package is somewhat complex because it uses Imakefiles and
	     the like.  It's essentially orphaned upstream so you should
	     know at least as much C as I knew a few months ago (ie, enough
	     to apply patches and make patches that don't quite apply work)
	     if you plan to do anything at all with it.
	     There are patches out there you could apply if you find time
	     such as a patch to make wmaker dock apps work in Wharf and
	     there are numerous things that {c,sh}ould be added/fixed if
	     someone has time to work on them.

             Package is debhelper 2 and FHS compliant--including tech
	     committee mandated /usr/doc symlink.

dfm        - nifty OS/2 WPS-like desktop done in GTK.  Very cool, but I
             don't need it anymore (wmaker dock is more convenient) and it
	     doesn't at the moment use drag-n-drop compatible with GNOME,
	     KDE, wmaker, or anything else that I've tried.  Author was
	     willing to make fairly major changes to the software when
	     asked, so it's got potential.  Really cool with something
	     like icewm.

	     Package is debhelper 2 and partially FHS compliant.  Needs to
	     be recompiled for /usr/share/doc and symlink is all.  Works
	     with standard autoconf/automake, so it's a reasonable package
	     for a developer who is a bit green still.

dvorak7min - The dvorak in 7 minutes typing tutor!  Console program, very
             simple.  I don't use it anymore.  Even my brother (irc people
	     may know and fear dryice) could maintain this package, so
	     anybody else could.  =>

All free software, asclassic is X licensed, the others GPL'd.  If nobody
wants these I'll orphan them sooner or later.

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org>             Debian GNU/Linux developer
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