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Re: Multibyte encoding - what should a package provide?

thomas> I'll try to comment on some of the items below...

thanks a lot for the response.  i hope it is/was as useful for others as it
was for me.

i would also really like to hear from the people who subscribe to the
point of view mentioned in:

kubota> Please note, Unicode is not popular at all in Asia. I am sure
kubota> there are very very few people using Unicode in Japan. Instead,
kubota> EUC-JP is popular for UNIX and SHIFT-JIS is the OS's coding
kubota> system for Windows/Macintosh in Japan.

why is it not popular?  what are the reasons?  i keep hearing this, but
i haven't come across an enumeration of those reasons.

any pointers to documents related to this would be much appreciated.

btw, i really appreciate the responses so far -- it's definitely been
an educational experience :-)

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